We’re Back

A lot has changed since the UGC started in a tiny room with a Sega Genesis and a few friends looking for an excuse to drink.  There was a substantial lapse in tournaments since 2014 due to the unfortunate side effects of being a grown up.  The site went dark and now I am in a rebuild mode with a new website face and plans for a tournament in my back pocket.  Unfotunately most of the old site content will be scrapped, but that will only leave room for new awesomeness.  There have been a lot of new additions to the lineup, including virtual reality that will definitely change the tournament landscape.  I’m looking forward to hosting the next challenge soon!

Brett P. – Tournament Coordinator

NFL Blitz 2012 is a hit

Some of the crew enjoys playing NFL Blitz 2012. Blitz was the surprise hit of the UGC 3 tournament and will definitely make a return appearance next time.